About Bill Nolan

About Bill Nolan

Bill-NolanHow The Enlightenment Stories was born is a unique story.

Originally from New York, Bill Nolan has lived an eclectic life, residing and working in many cities all over the USA. Bill has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in IDS from New York Institute of Technology. He holds a certification in Medical Device Equipment and in Biofeedback. In his younger days he was a successful personal trainer. Starting in traditional work settings such as GM, Eastman Kodak, then moving on to pharmaceutical  rep, bio clinic business development and manager, Best of Broadway Series, and consulting for private companies.

Escaping from Hurricane Katrina, he has fused his totality of work, education, people and life experiences, desires for service to others and animals, truth seeking, perfection, and business ownership. While working in emerging biotechnological industries, Bill partnered and worked with a great many diverse alternative researchers and inventors. This led to the realization and knowledge of what is truly out there for people if they were just exposed to it.

As the lead producer of The Enlightenment Stories, Bill is uniquely positioned to be the pioneer to present new and exciting mentors to the project while also vetting out and doing the proper due diligence to ensure the mentors and their work has merit.

Experiencing  a number of life’s hardships himself,  Bill truly can relate to others’ pain and suffering. This may enable him to be a more effective counsel as he has been there too.

He continues to search for ways to improve the human and animal condition…

Striving for  maturity yet staying youthful, enjoying the ride, and helping others is the path he is on. He values kindness, intelligence, a larger perspective, animals,  honesty and fun – with a dash of mystery to keep things interesting.