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Lessons, Training, Clinics

Riding Lessons

J-D Ranch offers riding lessons for new riders, people who have fear issues (I was one of those), and people who are just returning back to riding.

We know a lot of people have become afraid to ride, although they would love to continue riding their horse. I have been one of these people myself and was determined to get over it, which I did. All it takes is determination and patience with yourself. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you have the “want to”. We will happily help you with any fear issues you have and get you back to enjoying your horse


Monthly affordable clinics in different disciplines is another project here at J-D Ranch. We have different trainers come in and split the cost, making it very affordable. Our large arena is perfect for events and clinics. Already this year we have had “Introduce your horse to cows”, “Introduce your horse to dressage” and are planning another on “Improve your seat.”